Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to day 1! I am finally here, starting my 365 day project. This month I hope to really improve my skin tones. So many times in the past my subjects looked gray or blue, or yellow or whatever else I could find! I am eager to improve that soon. This month I plan to take pictures of everyone I can shoot, hoping I can learn how to capture skin more lifelike. This is a picture of my son from this morning, jumping in the pile of leaves out front of the house. It was way too tempting not to jump in! I joined him in the pile! It is a chilly day here, low 40's at midday so we are dressed for the weather.

The second shot is a house in our neighborhood decorated in a creepy and fun way. I captured the sun falling on the house but didn't blow out the sky so you could see how beautiful the fall sky can be in Michigan. The tree on the side of the house is almost devoid of leaves adding to the creepy Halloween feel of the house. The spiders will be coming down today the owners tell me so I am glad I was able to capture the house!
I realized that blogger switched my pics! I will have to remember that in the future!


  1. Great first day of pics!! and J looks so cute!!!!!

  2. Love These!!! Awesome Shot of John!!! Perfect!!!